Denago Rover Controller ID Guide

1. Locate the controller

The controller on the Denago Rover is accessed from the rear of the vehicle and is mounted on the underside, just forward of the rear axle. It has a black plastic protective cover over it, You will notice the power leads from the motor going into the housing.


2. Access the controller

To access the controller the cover will need to be removed. It is held on with 2 screws along the bottom and 3 plastic push rivets across the top. You will need a 3/16" allen wrench to remove the screws, the push rivets on the top can be removed by just pulling straight back on the housing to separate it from the controller mounting plate.


3. Observe & Identify The Controller

With the cover removed you can see the controller pretty easily. The controller in this model vehicle (2024) is the FJ 350A. You can see the green FJ logo in the corner of the controller. While you have the cover off it is not a bad idea to take a photo of the white square sticker with all the controller information. Once you have verified the controller you can close the cover back up.



4. Locate & Identify Programming Port

To locate and access the programming port you need to lift the seat to the battery bay, from the drivers side of the vehicle you will see the fuse block, there is a small opening underneath of the fuse block if you look down there with a flash light you will see 2 or 3 different cables. Its pretty tight in there to access.


5. Locate Programming Port

The programming port on the Rover golf cart is a 4 pin black flat automotive style connector using 3 wires. 


Now that we have identified the controller in your vehicle we can take a look at the required equipment to connect to the vehicle and make your desired changes.

7. Programming Cable

To establish a connection with the FJ controller in your Denago golf cart you will need to use CartCables part # CC-CBL-FJSE. It can be purchased HERE


8. Programming Software

In addition to the programming cable you will need to have a copy of the "FJ Programming Tool" software loaded on your pc. WE DO NOT PROVIDE THE SOFTWARE.


Please note: We do not sell the software, just the cables.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us HERE.