NEVO EV Controller ID Guide

1. Locate the controller

The controller on the NEVO EV is located under the seat behind the batteries. There is a black plastic access hatch that can be removed to make getting at the controller much easier. 


2. Access the controller

The rear access panel needs to be removed to gain access to the controller. To remove the panel you will need to remove the screws securing it.


3. Observe & Identify The Controller

With the cover removed we can easily see and identify the controller.


3. Locate & Identify Programming Port

The programming port on the NEVO is located close to the controller, once you locate it you can probably access it without having to remove the controller cover each time. It is a white 4 pin connector.


4. Programming Cable - Curtis Controller

To establish a connection with the Curtis controller in your NEVO EV you will need to use CartCables part # CC-CBL-1309. It can be purchased HERE


5. Programming Software - Curtis Controller

In addition to the programming cable you will need to have a copy of the "Curtis 1314 PC Programming Station" software loaded on your pc. WE DO NOT PROVIDE THE SOFTWARE.

Please note: We do not sell the software, just the cables.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us HERE.