Suncart UTV Series Controller ID Guide

1. Locate the controller

The controller on the Suncart is located under the seat in the battery bay on the driver side of the cart. It is mounted in a protective box with a clear protective cover. (Controller box is at bottom of this photo)

2. Observe & Identify The Controller

You can see the controller through the clear cover. For some models, you may need to remove the cover and move cables to get a better view. The controller is mounted vertically. You can fit your phone between the cover and the battery to take a picture. In this example, you can see that the Suncart has a JHL controller.

3. Locate & Identify Programming Port

The programming port on the Suncart is located under the seat near the controller cables coming out of the controller box. It should be zip tied right close to the other bundle of connectors. It is a white, square, 4-pin connector.

Now that we have identified the controller in your vehicle we can take a look at the required equipment to connect to the vehicle and make your desired changes. 

4. Programming Cable

To establish a connection with the controller in your Suncart you will need to use CartCables part number CC-CBL-JHLSE. It can be purchased HERE.

5. Programming Software

In addition to the programming cable you will need to have a copy of the "JHLLive" software loaded on your pc. WE DO NOT PROVIDE THE SOFTWARE.


Please note: We do not sell the software, just the cables.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us HERE.