EVolution Classic With EVolution Controller

In mid-2023, EVolution introduced another model labeled as "C". This new model can use the same cable as previous EVolution-branded controllers but requires different software compared to earlier controller models. It's essential to identify which model is in your vehicle to ensure you use the correct software.

1. Access & Identify The Controller

With the rear cover removed you will be able to gain access to the controller.


2. Check the controller model number

The model number will be marked on the product label on the side of the controller. Typically it is on the same side as the 35pin multi connector.


3. Locate Controller Model Number - EV48-400-C

EV48-400-C Model Controller Pictured Above


4. Locate Controller Model Number - EV48-400-A

EV48-400-A Model Controller Pictured Above


5. Locate Controller Model Number - EV48-400

EV48-400 Model Controller Pictured Above


Now that we have identified the controller in your vehicle we can take a look at the required equipment to connect to the vehicle and make your desired changes. 

For EV48-400 & EV48-400-A Models Click Here.

For EV48-400-C Models Click Here.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us HERE.