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Programming Cable For 2022-2024 EVolution EV

Programming Cable For 2022-2024 EVolution EV

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This listing if for (1) CartCables brand 3' USB Programming Cable For 2022, 2023 & 2024 EVolution EV Golf Carts With the EVOlution Controller. This cable is for 2021, 2022, 2023, & 2024 EVolution EV Golf Carts (Classic, Forrester, D3, & D5 Models) with the EVolution brand controller ONLY. This cable is NOT compatible with 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 or 2022 vehicles with the Curtis controller. Again THIS CABLE WILL ONLY WORK WITH VEHICLES WITH THE EVolution branded CONTROLLER. Please verify before purchase.To check which type of controller your vehicle has you need to remove the rear access cover behind the seat. The cover s held on with 4 plastic push rivets. This maybe difficult on vehicles with a rear seat installed but it is the only way to be sure which controller you have. Once the cover is removed you will see the controller. If you're not sure please send a message with a photo of the controller BEFORE making a purchase.

See EVolution Controller ID Guide here:

With this cable and the software you will be able to change multiple parameters such as : max motor rpms, max speed, acceleration rate, electronic braking, adjust the tire size to correct speed on speedometer just to name a few. This is the same stuff you would typically haul your cart to the dealer and pay them to perform.

Cable Assembled In USA.

This is for the cable & instructions only, no programming software is sold/ included. Cable is designed to be used with the "EV Programming Tool"  software, the new controllers cannot be used with the Curtis Handheld or the Curtis 1314 PC Software. The "EV Programming Toolprogramming/tuning software can be downloaded on the internet.

Requests for software will be ignored!

We do not do any tuning/programming. That will be up to the buyer to adjust accordingly. Also note some dealers will not touch/honor warranty it if they know you have made changes. Any and all modifications done to your vehicle are done at your own risk, changes may void your warranty, Check with your dealer if you are concerned about this.

Due to the nature of this item, NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Cable Assembled In USA.

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