EVolution Classic Controller ID Guide

EVolution uses three distinct controller models in their classic model vehicles. It's crucial to identify which controller your vehicle has because each model requires specific equipment that is not compatible with the others. Using the correct cable and software for your controller is mandatory—these components are not universal, and mixing them is not possible.

The transition from Curtis controllers to EVolution-branded units took place between late 2021 and early 2022. In mid-2023, EVolution introduced another model labeled as "C". This new model can utilize the same cable as previous EVolution-branded controllers but does require different software compared to earlier controller models.

1. Locate the controller

The controller in the Classic model is located under the seat behind the batteries. There is a black plastic access hatch that can be removed to make getting at the controller much easier. It is held down with 4 plastic rivets.


2. Access the controller

The rear access panel needs to be removed to gain access to the controller. To remove the panel the 4 plastic push rivets need to be removed. Carefully remove them, depending the age of your vehicle they may be brittle and could even break. Should you break one, replacements can be purchased at any local auto store or local hardware store, they are inexpensive. This may be more difficult to get access to on vehicles with a back seat or sweater basket installed.


3. Access & Identify The Controller

With the rear cover removed you will be able to gain access to the controller. Photo taken from rear of the vehicle. (EVolution Controller shown here)


4. Identify The Controller - EVolution Branded Controller

EVolution Branded Controller Pictured Above


5. Identify The Controller - Curtis Controller

Curtis Controller Pictured Above. The Curtis controller used in the EVolution vehicles is typically red like the image on the left but they can also be black as shown on the right.


Now that we have identified the controller in your vehicle we can take a look at the required equipment to connect to the vehicle and make your desired changes. 

For EVolution Controller click Here.
For Curtis Controllers click Here.

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